Data Use Request (DUR) Process

Data Use Request

A Data Use Request (DUR) is an online application submitted by the researcher within the N3C Data Enclave that describes the scope and nature of the project and justifies the requested data access tier. Approval of the DUR by the Data Access Committee (DAC) is required before a researcher can access data within the enclave. (Approved DURs are valid for 1 year.) The following steps outline the process for a researcher to either submit a DUR for a new project or join an existing project.

You can also view tutorials for submitting a DUR on the N3C Tutorials page:

N3C Data Enclave Introduction & Data Use Request (DUR) Process (recorded 11.17.2020) N3C Data Use Request (DUR) Process & Request for Appeal (recorded 10.06.2020)


READ the checklist before starting the Data Use Request (DUR) process.


  1. Lead Investigator submits a Data Use Request online within the N3C Data Enclave
  2. Data Access Committee (DAC) reviews and approves the research project.
  3. Researchers are given access to the N3C data.

Data User Request (DUR) Process:

First Time User Prerequisites

Step 1: Institutional DUA

Step 2: Additional Training Requirement for Human Subjects Protection (LDS and de-identified access only)

Step 3: Register for Access & Set-up Two-Factor Authentication -Register with N3C and request an N3C Data Enclave account. (Allow 2-5 business days for this to be set up.)

Submit/Join a Project

Step 4: Submit the Electronic Data Use Request (DUR) Form

Log into the N3C Data Enclave to complete and submit the electronic Data Use Request form. The online Enclave-based form will prompt for description of the scope and nature of the work and justification for the level of data access being requested.

The electronic DUR form requires the following information about your research project:

  1. Title of research project
  2. Project description
  3. Project rationale: used by the Data Access Committee (DAC) to assess the level of data (tier) being requested. Users should describe the minimum necessary level of data needed to conduct the research.

Step 5: Await Data Access Committee (DAC) Review Approval (allow 2-5 business days)

If approved, the user will receive an email with instructions for accessing the N3C Data Enclave. Researchers are then given access to the secure platform, which includes both training and ongoing support. (DUR approvals are valid for 1 year.)

Step 6: Workspace is Built (allow another 2-5 business days post DUR approval)

Step 7: Begin data analyses!